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Installing CloudOptimizer

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Last Edit: February 27, 2013



CloudOptimizer may be installed directly on many Windows and Linux systems or on any common operating system by installing VMWare and a CloudOptimizer virtual appliance.

Before you begin installation, please review the CloudOptimizer System Requirements.

If you are upgrading an existing CloudOptimizer, please see Upgrading CloudOptimizer.

Alternatives to Installing Software Packages

You don't have to install CloudOptimizer from software packages. The following alternatives are available:

Installation Procedures

CloudOptimizer Linux Client

This is the recommended procedure for installing CloudOptimizer on a Linux system. Alternatively, you can install packages manually, using the Linux package manager of your choice. For instructions on manual installation, please see Manually Installing CloudOptimizer.

For information about advanced options for the Linux installer, please see CloudOptimizer Linux Installer Options.

1. Download the CloudOptimizer Linux install script from

For example, on a system that has wget installed, you could use the following command:


2. Untar the script, using the following command:

tar -pzxvf cloudoptimizer-install.tar.gz

3. Run the script, using the following command:


The installer will usually ask a few questions about your configuration. Installation time is 2-5 minutes.

Once CloudOptimizer is installed, you should proceed to Initial Configuration of CloudOptimizer.

CloudOptimizer Windows Client

If you have a restrictive security policy on your Windows system, you may need to update your Windows Firewall configuration after installation. For more information, please refer to Configuring Windows Firewall to Allow CloudOptimizer Traffic.

1. Download the CloudOptimizer installer.

See Release Notes: CloudOptimizer Windows Client Version 1.2.9 for the current download link.

2. Run the installer.

3. Accept the end user license agreement by clicking the I Agree button.

4. Once installation completes, click Next and exit.

Once CloudOptimizer is installed, you should proceed to Initial Configuration of CloudOptimizer.

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